I want to introduce you Running Fred, the most extraordinary and awesome running type game, which is nominated for the award of best flash running game of the year. The reason of that is really simple. Gamers all over the world are adored with this game, because of its amazing gameplay and beautiful graphics. This game has so many features to make you happy, also whole freshly released maps to make you addicted to play over and over. Well, there are plenty different maps for you to try, and where you have to run from the death god itself.

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So, this is the most exciting game in the running genre. Good luck with the fight against weapons of the death.

The scenario of the game

Running Fred has so interesting scenario, which will definitely make you addicted to play more and more. Your main character in this game is a one brave soldier, whose name is Fred and you need to run into most dangerous temples and vicious tunnel in the world. But, this isn't as easy as it seems at first glance. Because, your road is full of traps and things, which has the power to kill you. So, your main mission is to run from the Death god, who is chasing you and your only road is this dangerous tunnel.

To jump, you need to press the SPACE.


This awesome game is about to run from the death and it has so intense gameplay to accomplish that mission. There you have a one main character, who have the ability to run fast and also jump at incredibly high. But this doesn't matter, if you don't have the fast skills to turn and jump at the right time. In this game, you have a few power ups to improve your running and jumping power, also you can buy armor and some other equipment. But you have to use it wisely, because there are so many traps on your road.

Running Fred is an awesome game and the best way to relax, because it has so many maps and cool rounds for you. There are really plenty of roads, which you need to explore and each one has a whole new different set of traps to amaze you and also can kill a your character of course. After every death, you start your run on a different road and everything is different. There are easy maps and really hard roads too, which are literally impossible to cross, if you don't play much enough.

Achievements and game goals

If you love running games with cool tracks and maps, then this game is definitely for you. Because there you can get so many achievements to make your run longer and see more and more new dark corners of your road. After you cover a long enough distance in your run and discover every beautiful maps in this game, you get an achievement, which will give you the ability to choose your round's difficulty and you can play with hard, easy and medium difficulty roads.

The main goal in this game is not to fall in the holes and don't touch the blades or swords, but there are also plenty more dangerous weapon to jump over. To do so, you have a shop, where you can buy a helmet and other great equipment, which gives you ability to start again at the point, where your character has killed last round. Also, to complete mission and finish your race, which is the main goal of this game, you have to use the double jump ability, which is really helpful. You have the power to run on the walls too, so use every trick, get a highest point and enjoy with this amazing game. Good luck.