Do you already know about the best running game? well, you come to the right site, because there you can play a most awesome game in its genre and it’s free. Free Running 3 is a new freshly released version of best parkour style running game and has so many cool things to entertain you and give you time to chill with pleasure.

This game is a whole new word of simulator flash gaming and has a full modern level engine and graphics, also developers have correct every bug, what was in the first version and now you can play with an intense rhythm without any problem.

Free Running 3 is a new third version and has so many new features and maps, also creators add new effects and mission plot twists, but this game a have every cool detail from the first and second versions too, because this game series are full of amazing surprises and pleasure and first version already have a so many fans all over the world and now, this second version is already famous too, because so many gamer falls in love with this game after they play it at first time. But few of them beat every mission of this game and are you extremely enough to try it and conquer the dangerous edges of the world? let's try, play and you get the answer to that question.

After the first game released, every gamer adores it, because this game series has most extraordinary and extremely cool scenario, which takes place at the highest building roofs all over the world, because Free Running 3 is about parkour and nothing is more dangerous and awesome at the same time than this sport and now you can enjoy it with sitting home in peace. The story of the your character is cool, you are one brave runner, who needs to collect dragons on the roofs, but your road in this journey are so dangerous and you need to be careful, because one wrong step and you fall down.

This game will give you so many extraordinary missions and you have to complete them with serious attitude, because in this version, there are harder and more dangerous missions to. Your main task is to cross the roofs in the time and meanwhile, collect the dragons, but it's not as easy as it sounds, because crossing this road requires a good skill of jumping and also you need to think fast and chose which way is better and shorter.

The controls in this game are simple and easy adapted. You need to use Arrow Keys to move your character
Up arrow key is to rush and the Left arrow key is to turn left. To move right, you need to press the Right arrow key.
To jump, you have to push X.

Free running 3 has so many new rounds, where you have to complete a whole advanced mission with more extreme jumps. The main duty is to run one point to the other as fast as you can, because the timer is on and you have only 2 minutes for your run, also you have to collect the green dragons, that will double your collected coins and also make you jump higher. So, take a moment and look around while running to find them.

The graphics in this game are a piece of art, because its developers put a lot of effort to make this game's world so realistic and beautiful, also every texture is so colorful and even a rain and snow mode are so cool, but you have to pay more attention on the jumps to win, so good luck.